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In this section you will find resources that are related to our valleys, both the Roaring Fork Valley and Eagle Valley.  

Here you will find:

The Provider's Collaborative

The Roaring Fork Center for Community Leadership

La Esperanza de Emily


Here you will find resources to "living", specific for individuals with disabilities and their families.  

Here you will find information about 




-Educational Resources

-Recreational Resources

-Disability Information

-Informative "Panel" Discussions


Here, you will find resources that are related to understanding how we can build communities that are designed FOR ALL.  Click the link for easy access.


Provider's Collaborative

The Provider's Collaborative.  Imagine and individual who:

  • -is over 21 years old;
  • -has stopped receiving support from the public school system;
  • -would like to pursue an independent life;
  • -has accessed what he/she believes is all the resources available.  

The Provider's Collaborative could be a next step!

Roaring Fork Center for Community Development

Roaring Fork Leadership helps individuals and organizations build effective leaders through training, practice, and application. Our leadership training and programs immerse individuals in experiential learning to shift conversations from ‘right/wrong’ to ‘what works/doesn’t work’. This builds a safe and trusted environment so that collaborative decision making and civic dialogue are possible. Upon completion of the programs, we connect our leaders to opportunities to serve for the betterment of our local communities.

VLFA works to provide scholarships each year to include persons with different abilities to participate in the full leadership program and contribute as leaders in our communities.  If you would like to contribute to the VLFA Community Leadership Scholarship Fund, please follow the donate option at the top of the page. You may send us a note to let us know this is how you want your donation directed.  

Click the Contact Us link if you would like more information or to participate in some way.

La Esperanza de Emily

INSPIRAR              EDUCAR           CAMBIAR   

Grupo de apoyo de padres. En nuestra comunidad   

Mission La mission de La Esperanza de Emily es: Que los ninos con necesidades especiales sean tratados con  Dignidad y respeto. Y que sean integrados en la comunidad por que Son parte de nuestra sociedad. “Cuando jusgamos a alguien basandonos En un diagnostic, nos perdemos de sus habilidades, belleza y singularidad. 


VLFA is happy to support La Esperanza de Emily which is a parent-peer support group for Latino families experiencing the challenges of raising a child with different abilities. There is no charge. 

If you would like to help support La Esperanza de Emily, please follow the donate option at the top of this page. You may send us a note to let us know this is how you want your donation directed.  

Click the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you would like more information or to participate in some way.



  VALLEY HOUSING FOR ALL, an organization created in 2014, has as its mission “Valley Housing for All creates better and more opportunities for people with disabilities to successfully live in the housing of their choice. We collect knowledge and information to formulate a thorough understanding of affordable housing opportunities in the Roaring Fork Valley and connect this knowledge throughout our community.”   


This page is still under construction.

This page is still under construction.

Education Resources

Individuals with disabilities can receive services from birth to old age.  On this page, you will find contacts for all stages of life.  

Learn About Different Disabilities

This page is still under construction.  

Recreation Resources

This page is still under construction

Accessibility Resources

This page is still under construction.


What Is Inclusion?

in•clu•sion \in-ˈklü-zhən\ noun. 1) the belief that all kids can belong and participate 2) the act of making sure that no child sits on the sidelines.

voiceability and the Inclusion Campaign

Valley Life for All has begun an "Inclusion Campaign".  It is called 'voiceability' because we believe we all have more abilities in common and we need to hear about those abilities.  

Is Accessibility the Same as Inclusion?

There is a BIG difference! 

The National Center on Health, Physical Disability, and Health has a blog that can be found here.  They define the difference between "accessible" and "inclusive".  

From their website:  http://blog.ncpad.org/2011/05/02/accessible-vs-inclusive-%E2%80%93-what-is-the-difference/

An inclusive environment, allows people with all type of disabilities to mobilize around the center as well as utilize the equipment and amenities inside of the center.  An inclusive fitness facility would offer both classes and equipment that can be utilized by people with and without disabilities.  A gym that has accessible or adaptable equipment but that isolates those machines in a corner of the gym is not an inclusive facility.  A facility that teaches a separate class for people who use wheelchairs is not promoting an inclusive environment.

What is "RIGHT" about Inclusion?

PBS has published an online article that explains why inclusion is important not only for the person with a different ability, but, in fact, for all in a community.  

That article can be found here.  Below is a few lines that are particularly powerful. 

"Inclusive education is based on the simple idea that every child and family is valued equally and deserves the same opportunities and experiences. Inclusive education is about children with disabilities – whether the disability is mild or severe, hidden or obvious – participating in everyday activities, just like they would if their disability were not present."  Citation here.  

Make a Training Request

If you would like to know more about inclusion, how to create an inclusive facility, or how to better include individuals of ALL abilities, VLFA will come to you and facilitate training for any number of people.    You can contact us by clicking on the button below.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child is being included appropriately?

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Are there models of 'inclusive' businesses?  

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Who do I talk to about improving the level of inclusion where I work, play, live?

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