What we do

Accessibility is what we strive for.

Inclusion Campaign

At Valley Life for All, we continue to take our efforts of education and advocacy through the enthusiastically received Inclusion Campaign.  We are collecting stories and questions around local people who are willing to share their challenge and answer questions to help demystify “disability.” The messages are widely distributed and built to reduce stigma and increase the understanding and power of true inclusion. Do you know a voice that needs hearing? Do you want to sponsor a month of inclusion messages? Let us know! 


Provider's Collaborative

 A need that affects all of our communities is the organization of resources for individuals who are transitioning from public school services and supports to community based supports.  Our vision for building a bridge for this transition is being realized through an initiative we have named the “Provider Collaborative”.  We have created a structure to bring together self-advocates, family and friends with service providers of all disciplines to strategically problem-solve, identify resources, and assign support for individuals who are experiencing challenges during this transition time.  

A comment from a parent after participating in this opportunity sums up the objective well.  “Now there is hope!”


La Esperanza de Emily

Spanish Culture and Language Support Group

Through focus groups and interviews, Valley Life for All came to understand the importance of Latino parents first having the opportunity to meet in their own group was an important step before they felt they could reach out for more service and help for their children. A VLFA board member who is a mother of a child with developmental disabilities has a heart for this special need and is leading a group with the support of VLFA.  This is being very well received and is growing rapidly.